Karte traffic monitoring

Traffic monitoring – moving on

Once our sensor systems have been monitoring traffic around the clock for a year, it’s time for a new location.

For years, we have been working intensively on object-based traffic monitoring systems in order to analyze the movements of road users in the best possible way. A special concern of ours has always been the changing behavior caused by environmental conditions. Our sensor systems are therefore in operation around the clock – ideally for an entire year.

However, as soon as an annual cycle is completed, we choose a new location for the same sensor system. In this way, a representative data set for typical Austrian traffic events can be built up step by step.

ALP.Lab Dashboard
Alpine Data Set

The newest sites in our portfolio are located in Tyrol – following sites in Styria and Salzburg. For example a traffic-intensive area in front of a school in St. Johann was equipped with lidar sensors in order to be able to detect the accumulation of potentially critical scenarios. Further locations in Carinthia are planned.

The collected data serves on the one hand to build up an Alpine Data Set, as training data for ADAS/AD systems. On the other hand, the data is visualized on a dashboard to assist cities/regions/road operators in optimizing adjustments for the benefit of traffic safety.

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