Austria’s Test Region for Automated Driving!

ALP.Lab offers comprehensive services for safe and secure testing of automated driving (AD) technologies and advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems.#

ᐅ We enable testing activities in both the virtual and real world to unfold the exciting possibilities of automated driving.

ᐅ We provide an integrated test chain covering several core products & services which are connected throughout a data-management and data-broker system.

ᐅ With our strong alliance of industrial and scientific partners core competencies are bundled at ALP.Lab for safe and secure testing of automated mobility solutions and vehicles.

ᐅ As a Safety Labs Austria partner, ALP.Lab is responsible for conducting Active Safety Tests within the context of Euro NCAP tests. #

ᐅ Creating value for our customers using our expertise and know-how is our main driver as the Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving.

ALP.Lab – The test region for automated and connected mobility

The Austrian test region offers a unique and holistic infrastructure for developing and testing automated and connected vehicles and functions.

Euro NCAP Laboratory for Active Safety

Austria has been a member of Euro NCAP since 2022 – and provides its own Euro NCAP test laboratory with “Safety Labs Austria” (accreditation in progress). ALP.Lab is the exclusive test partner for Active Safety – using a brand new Euro NCAP approved test track in Upper Austria (by DSD).

Euro NCAP Test ALP.Lab @Hofkirchen

Latest news & events

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