Austria’s Test Region for Automated Driving!

ALP.Lab offers comprehensive services for safe and secure testing of automated driving (AD) technologies and advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems for light vehicles.#

ᐅ We enable testing activities in both the virtual and real world to unfold the exciting possibilities of automated driving.

ᐅ We provide an integrated test chain covering several core products & services which are connected throughout a data-management and data-broker system.

ᐅ With our strong alliance of industrial and scientific partners core competencies are bundled at ALP.Lab for safe and secure testing of automated mobility solutions and vehicles.

ᐅ Creating value for our customers using our expertise and know-how is our main driver as the Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving. #

Why ALP.Lab?

Achieve high scores in independent safety tests on proving grounds. Check if the implementation meets the specification!

Our test engineers developed special tests to validte the requirements of ADAS/AD systems, all test are being conducted on proving grounds of Alp.Lab or partners

Full EuroNCAP compliant test equipment available, experienced team to support your active safety and NCAP tests on your test site.

Proving ground are available in AT, DE, HU and CRO, full service according to your test requirements is offered.

Why not learn from human drivers? Analyze driving behavior from real traffic!


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The A2 highway section south of Grazis equipped with numerous sensors and detectors along the motorway, providing
extended data and testing possibilities, which was awarded with the Austrian State Prize for Mobility in Dec 2019.

This built-in digital infrastructure along the route covers the ISAD levels (Infrastructure Support Levels for Automated Driving) classified by road operators.

This enables CCAM (Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility) applications to be tested safely on public roads. But the infrastructure can also be used for traffic monitoring to analyze real traffic to experience from human drives.

Proving ground are available in AT, DE, HU and CRO, full service according to your test requirements is offered.

Do you know how reliable your sensor works? We do sensor benchmarking and long-term tests

With the ALP.Lab mobile Hilplatform you can test, record, and analyze the performance of sensors, components, control units and the interplay with obstacles before the vehicle prototype is available.

Thanks to the exact repetition of driving scenarios and trajectories, you can find the optimal sensor position and orientation more quickly due to flexible mounting of the sensors on the SPIDER

Benchmark different sensor manufacturers under selected harsh environmental conditions to get the best result.

You want to validate automated vehicles on public roads?

The ALP.Lab test region comprises more than 400 km of public roads with typical Austrian road characteristics. Curves with different radii, gradients, tunnels, toll stations, border crossings, bridges, multi-lane routes and much more.

A digital twin supports planning, which can also be used for simulations.

ALP.Lab – The test region for automated and connected mobility

The Austrian test region offers a unique and holistic infrastructure for developing and testing automated and connected vehicles and functions.

Test Region

Proving Ground
The test region is offering private proving grounds for a wide scope of application. ALP.Lab offers all-season ice-free testing, NCAP-conform testing, harsh condition & tunnel testing as well as winter testing possibilities.
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A2/A9 Public Road Test/ UHD, Digital Twin
ALP.Lab offers public road tests and UHD-maps of public primary roads, toll stations as well as private proving grounds focusing the Austrian road-characteristics.
A2 Highway as Sensor
The highway test track is located along the A2 (south motorway) between Laßnitzhöhe and Graz West. The concentrated section equipped with radar sensors is located between the “Airport Graz” entrance and exit and the “Graz-West” intersection.
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City of Graz (Urban Road Test)
Public road tests with excessive road infrastructure like C-ITS units and different sensor-technologies for traffic monitoring are available.
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Latest news & events

For the first time, object-based traffic monitoring is being used in Graz, operated by ALP.Lab. We collect data anonymously e.g. to increase road safety and as training data for AI to develop automated driving systems....

Seit Oktober 2020 bietet ALP.Lab die Planung, den Bau und den Betrieb moderner Verkehrsbeobachtungs-Systeme zum Einsatz im urbanen und ländlichen Raum an. Erste Traffic Monitoring Sensor-Systeme sind bereits installiert und an mehreren Standorten in Österreich im Einsatz....

Rund 100 TeilnehmerInnen konnten wir bei unserem letzten Netzwerktreffen am 14.12.2020 begrüßen - natürlich online. Sollten Sie keine Gelegenheit gehabt haben dabei zu sein, können Sie die aufschlussreichen Vorträge rund um Automatisiertes Fahren, CCAM, Traffic Monitoring, Verkehrssicherheit sowie rechtliche Experimentierräume auf unserer Website nachsehen....



Tired of HomeTesting? We offer exclusive access to a proving ground in Croatia:

  • Snow and ice free (Mediterranean weather conditions)
  • Runway length: 2.000 m
  • Runway width: 40 m
  • EuroNCAP approved testing platform and equipment @4activesystems @humanetics
  • Safety: Possibility to land directly on the proving ground; COVID-19 safety concept;