CCAM – Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility

ALP.Lab offers its customers the opportunity to use cooperative intelligent transport systems for tests on selected road sections within the test region.

RSUs are available for receiving and sending C-ITS G5 messages:

  • for on the highway
  • and in the inner-city area for testing purposes

Our services and products:

Public road (highway and urban) with RSU (Road Side Units) for sending C-ITS G5 messages and testing V2X communication

  • Testing of future vehicle functions using road infrastructure-based information systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Testing capabilities at city intersections (cooperative traffic light systems) and highway environment
  • Test planning and test execution support

Public road with ISAD (Infrastructure Support for Automated Driving) classification

  • Vehicle test execution with inclusion of ISAD classification at the public highway test track. Testing of changes in ODD of automated driving functions when entering/leaving ISAD levels
  • Execution of vehicle tests with mobile IMIS (intelligent mobile information system) construction work warning systems to extend the ODD of automated driving functions

LTE and 5G data transfer and campus solutions

  • Planning and implementation of LTE and 5G data transfer hot-spots for fast and flexible upload of result data as part of test drives
  • Provision of high upload capacities to minimize the time required for data transfer
  • Support and development of campus solutions