Project Completion DIANA 4 CCAM

At the end of March, the final report on the R&D service project DIANA 4 CCAM was handed over. The goal was to create data circle concepts for five use cases around innovative AI functions in the mobility sector.

Data circles are closed, functional systems in which data providers and data users come together to exchange data with each other in a secure and trustworthy environment. Ideally, data is not only exchanged, but linked together, creating additional value.

As part of the DIANA 4 CCAM project – Data cIrcles for Artificial iNtelligence trAining 4 Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility – possible data circles in the field of mobility were examined in more detail and consistent data circle concepts were developed for their potential implementation. The project consortium – consisting of ALP.Lab (Project Lead), nexyo, JOANNEUM RESEARCH and ADV – defined five possible use cases in the field of autonomous driving in advance and subjected them to a thorough examination. By actively involving a wide range of stakeholders, it was possible to develop the use cases to such an extent that the applicable requirements could be identified in each case.

The final report assesses the five use cases “Multi-modal mobility”, “Cooperative driving functions”, “Human driving behavior”, “Autonomous driving functions” and “Predictive road maintenance” in terms of novel value chains, with those use cases with the greatest impact in terms of legal compliance, economic viability, sustainability and feasibility being elaborated in detail.

The final report will be published in the coming weeks.

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