New Austrian marketplace for research and development of automated mobility

ALP.Lab has created a new online marketplace with ASFINAG and further content partners like JOANNEUM RESEARCH. The “ECO System Platform” provides data, tools and services for research and development projects in the field of automated mobility. The aim is to drive progress and accelerate the development of future mobility solutions.

“The ECO system platform is going to be a turbo for the further development of automated mobility by efficiently collecting and sharing necessary data, tools and services in one place.” (Gerhard Greiner, Managing Director ALP.Lab)

Austria’s first digital platform specifically for automated mobility
The entire “Automated Mobility” ecosystem is to be mapped step by step at – from universities and research institutes to vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to public and non-profit providers of mobility-related data. It is precisely this networking that is crucial so that Austria can make a significant contribution to the global development market of future mobility.

We will welcome users and other partners, who also offer data themselves
Interested parties can register as FRIENDS and immediately receive an overview of the entire offer. Access to the appetizer data is possible after activation by ALP.Lab – free of charge for all PARTNERS who also provide offers themselves in the sense of “give and take”.

“If providers of platform content also become consumers of content from other providers, then we have achieved our goal of accelerating the development towards cooperative and automated mobility with the help of this digital platform”, says Ing. Mag. Bernd Datler, Managing Director of ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH sees the ECO System Platform as an important initiative to establish a cost-efficient, collaborative and diverse use of high-precision digital twins and reference maps (UHDmaps®) for testing and simulating automated vehicles. In addition to a significant reduction in costs for users, shared use also enables the digital twins of interesting test tracks to be updated more frequently.


Highly accurate data for traffic planners, researchers and technology developers
Traffic data, environmental data, video event data from traffic monitoring, object lists and trajectories, dynamic display and event data from traffic control, C-ITS messages and examples of UHD maps as digital twins are already available. Such data is necessary for the development of automated driving functions, but municipalities, traffic planners, R&D institutions and scientific projects can also use them e.g. to increase road safety, to develop improved technologies for object recognition, to develop new business models for mobility solutions or to promote more efficient forms of public transport.

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