EuroNCAP TEststrecke

Austria’s first Euro NCAP test track?

ALP.Lab supports the current efforts to make Austria a full member of Euro NCAP – including an accredited test track. This would mean that Euro NCAP compliant tests could be carried out in Austria for the first time. ALP.Lab is part of the project as the exclusive partner for conducting Active Safety Tests.

Euro NCAP was founded in 1996 and has created the well-known five-star safety rating system to help consumers, their families and businesses compare vehicles in terms of safety.

This safety rating is determined from a series of vehicle tests, representing, in a simplified way, important real-life accident scenarios. Next to passive safety tests (crash tests), active safety features implemented in the car play an important role in the rating process.

To ensure that all Euro NCAP tests are conducted under comparable conditions, they are carried out by accredited test laboratories. There are currently efforts to set up the first such test laboratory in Austria – and ALP.Lab will be part of it: The test track required for this is being built and operated by project partner DSD. For the passive safety tests, project partner Capgemini is on board and the active safety tests will be carried out exclusively by ALP.Lab, under the direction of our test engineer Emir Islamovic.

The accreditation of the test track is expected to take place in the second quarter of 2022. Feel free to get into contact with us:

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