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The performance of environmental sensors has made huge strides. At ALP.Lab, the fusion of sensors along the road with sensors in the vehicle is of high importance, as this is the only way to recognize the dynamic ground truth where the automated vehicles drive.

The expectations towards traffic management sensors are constantly rising and have become increasingly complex. Today, authorities are focused on reducing cost and searching for ways to satisfy the needs of a smart city. 

To meet the expectations and pave the way for truly smart cities with Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication, ssmartmicro developed two new premium products. With our new TRUGRD and TRUGRD Stream we strive for increased traffic safety, especially for vulnerable road users, as well as for the reduction of CO2 emissions – taking detection and classification to the next level. 

Like all smartmicro radar sensors, these two premium products precisely measure the position, lane and speed vector as well as the elevation of all objects within the field of view. The radar can be used for adaptive intersection control, collecting statistical data or for various kinds of enforcement applications across multiple lanes. A major novelty of the new products is their connectivity for IoT and the remote access using embedded Linux. 

smartmicro radar sensors featuring ultra-high definition (4D/UHD+) technology achieve the highest performance available today and outperform other traffic radars. Due to their high coverage, vehicle positions can be tracked for up to 300m and across up to ten lanes. Thus, one single smartmicro sensor can be utilized for multiple applications: at intersections for stop bar and advance detection, for highway management by counting and classification or for enforcement applications. 

Additionally, our radar sensors offer several fail-safe features. By means of integrated self-calibration and self-diagnosis functions, such as blind and rain detection, misalignment reporting and interference suppression, they ensure maintenance-free operation throughout the entire design life. 

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