ALP.Lab Open TestingDay in the Smart City Area of the Hungarian Proving Ground ZalaZone in Zalaegerszeg

The first “ALP.Lab Open TestingDay” was held on March, 11th 2020 in the Smart City Area of the Hungarian Proving Ground ZalaZone in Zalaegerszeg, fostering the scientific cooperation for automated driving between Hungary and Austria. The “ALP.Lab Open TestingDay” is an open to everyone event where the participants can present, test and combine their latest technologies for creating new collaborations and businesses.

ALP.Lab‘s unique Mobile-HiL Platform SPIDER was used to provide realistic sensor measurements in natural driving scenarios. SPIDER enables a very flexible and easy way to integrate and test sensors exactly built in at the original sensor position.

Flexible testing of different sensors and the comparison of competing technologies can be done very easily.

The gained hands-on experiments created mutual benefits for all participating parties like 

  • access to latest sensor technologies and wide range of targets,
  • secure recording and distribution of measurement data,  
  • creation of new business cases by technology combination as well as  
  • publicity and networking. 

The test scenarios were set up with various targets/objects and reflectors. In a further step test drives were carried out to record data. As a result, performance benchmarks of LiDAR and Radar-sensors for various materials and reflectors as well as C-ITS technologies could be performed.  

The captured data was exported in commonly used file formats and securely provided to partners using MyPrivacy security solution. The results are going to be made available in the form of a scientific publication.  

Participating partners / provided equipment: 

  • Siemens: C-ITS Road Side Unit (RSU) 
  • LeddarTech: vehicle LiDAR 
  • Swareflex/avverion: glass reflectors 
  • MyPrivacy: secure data exchange platform 
  • smartmicro: advanced radar technology for traffic monitoring 
  • ALP.Lab / Virtual Vehicle: SPIDER, project management, technology integration 
  • AVL-ZalaZone: proving ground 

ALP.Lab Director Validation and Testing Dr. Christian Schwarzl organized the 2020 ALP.Lab Open TestingDay at ZalaZone, Hungary. If you have any further questions, find the data sheet here and/or please contact him. 

Dr. Christian Schwarzl

ALP.Lab GmbH 

Inffeldgasse 25f/5 

8010 Graz, AUSTRIA 

Mobil: +43 664 883 71317  

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