ALP.Lab and DSD accredited as Austrian Euro NCAP Active Safety Laboratory

ALP.Lab has been one of the most experienced providers of ADAS/AD tests for years. Together with partner DSD, who has specially built a new test track, ALP.Lab has now been accredited by Euro NCAP to perform tests for Active Safety Systems and Automated Driving for vehicle manufacturers.

The newest and most modern way to test new vehicles for safety is located in the heart of Europe. ALP.Lab and partner DSD have been officially accredited by Euro NCAP as the 10th European laboratory to perform the NCAP star rating tests based on the active safety protocols. Together with partners, tests in the field of passive safety and virtual testing are also offered.
For the accreditation, 352 driving tests had to be successfully completed, by day and by night. The ALP.Lab testing team has thus proven that it has the necessary know-how and equipment to meet the stringent Euro NCAP test protocols in practice.

Test efficiency is the key
Additional time and effort were dedicated to devising innovative methods and procedures. The aim was to ensure that future customer tests can be conducted with greater efficiency compared to the conventional practices prevalent in the market. “Test Efficiency” will be the most prominent feature at the new Euro NCAP test laboratory in Austria. Thus, the new Euro NCAP test software “AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer” was finalized together with AVL, which enables live test analyses and documentation within seconds on the test track.
The new Euro NCAP laboratory benefits from the physical proximity to the market leaders Humanetics and 4activeSystems, both located in Austria. Any maintenance or repair work on the Euro NCAP accredited test equipment is thus carried out in record time and interrupts the test activities by only a few hours. For the test customers, this means: less idle time, more tests per day.

Test Efficiency
In addition, a continuous tool chain was implemented – from road to simulation to proving ground. The workflow is completed by a lane marking system co-developed by DSD, in which a GPS-controlled marking robot applies (washable) road markings on the test track with centimeter accuracy within a few minutes – and thus faster than conventional methods.

Your are interested in efficient Euro NCAP Testing? We are looking forward to working with you!

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