Moving Slovenia 2.0 – The Future of Mobility

Self-driving cars, autonomous buses, information-exchanging cargo trucks and trains of the future – for two days Slovenia was all about „The Future of Mobility“.

„Moving Slovenia 2.0“ took place on the 19th/20th of November as part of a conference bringing together the slovenian Minister of Infrastructure & Economics and corporate visitors in organized B2B-meetings. The conference was held in the slovenian capital Ljubljana and Brdo pri Kranju.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE & ALP.Lab CEO Jost Bernasch, among other prominent speakers, was on site to give a talk on

Building test regions for autonomous / integrated driving, infrastructural challenges, linking business and R & D demands.

This year’s conference is already the second time it is being held, organized by the “Business Academy Finance” and “Advantage Austria Ljubljana.”

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