ALP.Lab Webinar – UHDmaps®

This page will be replaced with our live webinar, as soon as it starts.


Time of event:

13. April 2021, 5pm (CET)


What this event is all about:

To pave the ground for scalable and cost-efficient testing of automated vehicles, JOANNEUM RESEARCH is producing Ultra High Definition Maps (UHDmaps®) based on mobile mapping data in an automated workflow. UHDmaps® contain a digital copy of reality (digital twin), which sets the benchmark for the digital assessment of automated driving functions and perception systems. The depicted solution is already utilized by the Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving (ALP.Lab GmbH) and its partners.

  • The presentation will give an overview of the technical solution and certain test use cases.
  • This is followed by a short discussion with Magna and AVL, two UHDmap® customers.